I live in North Wales, can a Chiropractor help reduce back pain or neck pain?


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At The North Wales Spine Clinic many patients find us by searching Chiropractors in North Wales, Chiropractors Conwy, Chiropractors Gwynedd or Chiropractors Anglesey. The first few questions patients ask are – Can Chiropractic help reduce my pain?  Is the Chiropractor registered? And what happens when I see the Chiropractors at The North Wales Spine Clinic? The answer to the first question complex and depends on what is wrong with you, the answer to the second is ‘yes, and the third is covered below with extracts from the Chiropractic regulatory body guidelines.

As Chiropractors serving Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey we find many different types of complaints presenting at The North Wales Spine Clinic.  We often see sports injuries, lower back pain, neck pain or headaches.

Alison Bale and Dave Newell in their 2004 study entitled Chiropractic for neck pain: A pilot study examining whether the duration of the pain affects the clinical outcome.’ Concluded that ‘the results from this study suggest that chiropractic is associated with significant reductions in the pain, and interference with daily activities/social life associated with neck pain, regardless of the duration of the symptoms.’

Whist Adrian and colleagues in their 2005 study titled ‘Chiropractic maintenance care and quality of life of a patient presenting with chronic low back pain.’ Concluded ‘The patient appeared to experience improvement in quality of life while showing signs suggestive of improved spinal function.’

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Registered Health Professionals

What happens when you visit the Chiropractor at The North Wales Spine Clinic for the first time?

The first visit will last about 1 hour. During this time, the North Wales Chiropractor will:

  • Take a full case history
  • Ask you to remove some of your clothes, you will be offered a gown
  • Provide privacy for you to do so.
  • Ask for your permission to give you a thorough physical examination (this will include neurological and orthopaedic tests)
  • May take or send you for x-rays if they are needed.

As Chiropractors serving Conwy, Gwynedd and Anglesey our first concern is to find out what is wrong. You will also be checked for signs of any serious conditions for which you will need to go to your GP or to hospital.

What is chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractors are concerned with the framework of bones and muscles that support the body (the ‘musculoskeletal system’). Some problems of the musculoskeletal system can be caused by accidents, stress, lack of exercise, poor posture, illness and everyday wear and tear. These problems may cause pressure on the nerves in the body. Depending on your condition, we may manipulate parts of your spine or joints and give you advice on exercise, self-help, diet and lifestyle. As Sports Chiropractors we also focus on spinal rehabilitation programmes.

Will the treatment hurt?

Chiropractic treatment is usually painless unless an area is inflamed (swollen). As experienced North Wales Chiropractors we can alter the treatment to suit many conditions and patients.

What do I need to know before my treatment starts?

Treatment is very much a partnership between you and us as Chiropractors.

Before your treatment starts, as your Chiropractors we will explain clearly:

  1. What we have found in the examination
  2. The treatment plan we propose at The North Wales Spine Clinic
  3. The benefits and any significant risks associated with your condition and proposed treatment

As your North Wales Chiropractors we like questions so ask as many questions as you need to.  We will then ask you to give your permission for treatment (known as ‘consent’).

To help you feel more at ease during our consultation, you may want another person to be there. This might be, for example, a clinic assistant at The North Wales Spine Clinic or you could choose to bring a relative or friend. These arrangements should be made before your appointment, so please let the Chiropractor know in good time. If you would prefer to have only the Chiropractor there, please let us know. We will not do anything without your consent, and we will respect your privacy and dignity at all times.

How many visits will I need with the North Wales Chiropractor?

This will depend on:

  • Your condition
  • How severe it is
  • How long you have had the condition
  • How you respond to treatment
  • How much of the North Wales Chiropractor’s advice you follow

After your first examination and diagnosis, how long any further visits last will depend on your condition and the treatment you need.

As experienced Chiropractors we will review your progress regularly and you will be asked to give your consent to any changes to your treatment plan. We will discuss carrying out further investigations or referring you to your GP if your condition does not improve.

Do I need to tell my GP?

You do not need to let your GP know unless you want to. With your permission, it is standard practice at The North Wales Spine Clinic for the North Wales Chiropractors to send a report to your GP, with details of your condition and the treatment you are receiving. This is because your GP holds all your medical records, and it is in your interests for them to be complete and up to date.

Do I have to pay for my treatment?

You will need to pay for your treatment unless you are covered by Private Medical Insurance (PMI) or a health cash plan, or live in an area where there is NHS-funded Chiropractic care. See Chiropractic on the NHS? Treatment through the NHS is not widely available at the moment, so it is a good idea to talk to your GP or North Wales Chiropractors. If you have PMI, confirm with your provider that Chiropractic treatment is covered.

Can anyone call themselves a Chiropractor?

No. It is illegal for anyone in the UK to use the title ‘Chiropractor’ or to imply that they are a Chiropractor unless they are registered with the General Chiropractic Council. All Chiropractors must have insurance cover for claims made against them.

By law, the General Chiropractic Council must:

  • Check people, who apply for registration to make sure that they have a Chiropractic qualification, are of good character and are physically and mentally fit
  • Set and monitor standards of education and training
  • Set standards of practice and conduct
  • Deal with any complaints about the conduct or practice of Chiropractors

At The North Wales Spine Clinic we are registered Chiropractors. However we believe quality is everything and therefore always try to exceed the basic legal requirements.  First and foremost we are professionals at all times.