Many patients from Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey come into The North Wales Spine Clinic and ask what we think is the best cervical neck pillow for them to sleep on. We believe that a good cervical neck pillow is important in helping you sleep better and especially for neck pain and headache sufferers. So we hope the following information about cervical neck pillow will help neck pain sufferers in a decision to choose the best cervical neck pillow for yourself to sleep on.

Best Cervical Neck Pillow

There is such a wide variety of cervical neck pillows that are marketed as reducing your neck pain. All the different types of cervical neck pillows claim they get the best results due to better cervical spine posture creating more comfort during sleep. As we do at The North Wales Spine Clinic, many of these cervical neck pillow products are endorsed by different health associations and recommended by clinicians as part of a pain management programme.

So you have such a choice of fillings for a cervical pillow like: feather, down, cotton-filled, latex/rubber, springs, buckwheat, memory foam & more. You also have such a choice of the shape and size of the cervical neck pillow that we thought we would explain a little more about what we feel is important when looking for the best cervical neck pillow for you to sleep on tonight. The main problem we have had reported from our patients with neck pain from local areas such as Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Conwy, Penmaenmawr, Llanfairfechan, Bangor, Menai Bridge and Caernarfon is where to get hold of a decent pillow in the North Wales region!

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Neck Pain – Dont let it ruin your sleep

A Cervical Neck Pillow Story from one of our Team:

‘I have been sleeping on different memory foam pillows since my days as a student at Chiropractic college and University before that. This was when I really learnt the importance of a good cervical neck pillow. I slept on what ever was the cheapest pillow from any local furniture store, however one morning I woke up with a severe neck pain. It was the classic neck pain where you cannot turn your head to the side and move like you are Frankenstein with a bolt in your neck. Trying to sleep on a poor supporting pillow with a neck pain like that will drive you mad from the moment you wake So I began my journey trying different cervical neck pillows.’

‘Due to being a poor student at the time I started by trying different ‘cheaper’ pillows from local furniture stores that felt thicker so they supported my neck. However they would sag overnight where my neck was and not keep it lifted up causing pain. Then I got a contoured cervical support pillow made by Tempur. This was great because it helped to keep my neck up long enough for me to sleep for longer periods without waking with pain. However, I found that even the contour cervical support pillow would annoy my neck after awhile. The contour pillow didn’t let me forget I was sleeping on a pillow with a raised end in it. This took time to get used to but now I wouldn’t look back!’

Memory Foam Pillows

So we recommend memory foam pillows by Tempur. We do however, suggest you feel the different memory foam pillows as the density (hardness/softness) can vary greatly between memory foam pillow manufacturers. So like mattresses, some of us like hard ones some like soft ones. For example we had a small build female patient from Bangor with neck pain attend our clinic recently whom we recommended a small size memory foam pillow whilst last month a man of heavy build with a disc problem from Colwyn Bay was advised to get use a large memory foam pillow.  Both reported fantastic results!

We find that men who are heavier and have broader shoulders like a heavier memory foam pillow whilst women definitely need a soft marshmallow-like memory foam pillow. We deal directly with Putnams who are based in the UK. We are confident in their products not just on price but having reviewed their factory we can also happily recommend their products!  In fact we all use them at The North Wales Spine Clinic!

If you need advice on what products will work for you, give us a call at the clinic on 01492 621380 and we will help you.

So remember that when choosing a cervical neck pillow:

Take a look at the Putnams site