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Benefits of working with us

With extensive experience in muscular and skeletal problems in the occupational environment we offer affordable solutions for companies who want to protect the welfare of their staff and increase productivity whilst decreasing time lost due to sickness. We have worked in many companies ranging from big national corporate companies to smaller private businesses. We provide an easy, low maintenance, low cost framework that has significant effects on employee health and morale whilst helping the company become more productive. The North Wales Spine Clinic can help companies implement the correct strategies to minimise the effects of the work place environment on the posture and health of its employees.

‘My health and well-being has increased beyond belief since I consulted The North Wales Spine Clinic. I recommend anyone who values their quality of life and health to book in and let them take care of you!’

Angie Robinson. CEO Chamber of Commerce.


Counter Mental and Physical Work Stress

At The North Wales Spine Clinic we understand the huge mental and physical stresses that employees and employers face on a daily basis working in the competitive job market. Our aim is not only to help individual patients but also assist companies achieve staff satisfaction targets, increase moral and benefit from optimal health amongst the workforce.

Reduce Absenteeism and Improve Productivity

Back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines are recognised as the leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace, resulting in huge costs to companies from staff unable to work. Our aim is to work in partnership with your company no matter how big or small to reduce absenteeism, improve staff productivity and empower staff to take preventative and pro-active measures to protect their muscular and skeletal system.

Having the team get involved with us was a fantastic experience.  The ideas were easy and low cost to implement, and they really did work!  We had a great increase in staff morale despite current times and our Manchester office has become a nicer place to work.’

Gavin Sorby,  MD of Northern England’s largest Architectural Practices.

Buttress, Fuller, Alsop and Williams Architects.

We can help

Contact us on 01492 621380 to discuss your individual workplace requirements.

Our Corporate Services

Have a look at the following services we provide:

Group Health Workshops

This involves a highly qualified and experienced registered Doctor of Chiropractic attending your company to give a talk on back care to employees including highlights such as:

  • How to hydrate properly
  • The myths & what to avoid
  • How to prevent Back & Neck Pain
  • Correct ergonomics in the workplace
  • Correct posture while sitting at a desk
  • Why it is imperative to protect your spine
  • A concise summary of how your spine works
  • How to prevent and manage Headaches & Migraines
  • Reduce pain and discomfort by learning to take breaks & apply ‘short break’ exercises

Questions from staff are welcome and a detailed information leaflet is provided.

‘A great high quality health workshop!  Well delivered with some great ‘take home’ facts.  I can see my colleagues implementing them in our office as I type! Everyone got lots from it, well done.’

Claire Butler, Senior Partner.  Deloitte International  –

audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services.

One-to-One Health Consultations

Sometimes employees require individual and detailed guidance to help with their spinal health in the workplace. This involves a Doctor of Chiropractic attending your business and analysing the ergonomics of your office or workspace and how this affeyour employees. The Chiropractor will first look at the workplace as a whole and then break the environment down into detail whilst considering the influence of human biomechanics. A report will be then produced suggesting what modifications to implement to improve your office and make it more effective, safe and suitable for you and your staff. The Chiropractor will then speak to your staff individually asking them questions about their health and provide advice on the correct way for them to enhance their own muscular and skeletal health.

Onsite Services

We understand that time is of the essence in the demanding world of business, but we also appreciate how imperative good health is to getting the job done. Many companies are now seeing the health benefits of having their staff treated and are incorporating Health Professionals into their on-site health offices. Please contact us to discuss having one of our Health Professionals attend your office on a weekly or monthly basis to help keep employees out of pain.

Company HR Departments

If you are the head of your company HR department please do not hesitate to contact us if you require advice and training on how to best pro-actively look after the health of employees. Our Chiropractors and Postural Correction Specialists have a wealth of knowledge on both preventative measures to combat the epidemic of back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines in the office and also how to incorporate correct ergonomics in the workplace.

Company Intranet

Do you have a health specialist on your company intranet?

At The North Wales Spine Clinic we offer employees of companies that find us on their intranet a 50% discount for their initial visit. We are also happy to discuss the option of setting up an on-going corporate discount scheme for your employees.

Our Clients

We have a portfolio of many satisfied corporate and individual clients, including:

The Royal Bank of Scotland, The Royal and Sun Alliance, Deloitte, Datamonitor, Bannatynes Health Clubs, Virgin Health Clubs, DW Fitness, Buttress Fuller Alsop and Williams Architects, The University of Wales, Bangor, The Llandrillo College network in Conwy and Gwynedd and The British Mountaineering Council.


We endeavour to support our local community at all times.  Therefore companies that are registered with The North Wales Spine Clinic (at no cost) can refer their employees to the clinic at a 50% reduction of our normal Initial Consultation and Exam fee.  Simply give the clinic a call and we will record your company name and put a link on our website. Workshops are a standard £50 for the hour of the seminar.  Ergonomic assessment with a report and outlined measures are £100 per person for non-patients.