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We can help you to improve your game and prevent injures

Having worked at the highest levels of sport with Olympians, International Rugby, Athletics and NBA Basketball stars, we know how to make you perform better.  We also know how to treat injuries, in fact we are so confident in our approach that we record the outcomes of our treatments and consistently see superior results.  We have the unique range of skills that mean we can help you to improve balance and coordination, increase power generation and speed whilst eradicating sports injuries for good. Our advanced approach involves a highly sophisticated assessment of your muscular, skeletal and neurological system. If we don’t know what the problem is, how can we fix it?

‘This approach moves our players care to another level!  This is something new and we are seeing fantastic results.  Not just injury prevention and performance enhancement on the muscular level, these guys work on the deeper levels of neuro-muscular training. This would have been our secret weapon….had they not moved back to North Wales….Good Luck!  You helped sort out career ending injuries and created warriors! A big thanks  – from the team!’

Alex “Grizz” Wyllie

Ex All Blacks Captain

New Zealand All Blacks National Rugby selector

Coach of the World Champion All Blacks side

Pain is an important signal – you’re damaging your body, maybe for good!

Remember! – Muscles don’t just ‘get tight’, joints don’t just ‘lock up’ and discs don’t just ‘blow’! It’s the way that you move that stresses parts of your body and therefore overloads it resulting in compensation. Not many practitioners have the ability and experience to truly assess your system and find out where and why you are performing under par, overloading tissues, causing injury and compensating.  If you want to sort these issues out for the long term, the team at The North Wales Spine Clinic can help.

Neuro-Muscular Control – Servicing the ‘Engine’ rather than rubbing the ‘bodywork’

Think of muscles as active structures, whilst ligaments and tendons are passive stabilising elements of our ‘Kinetic Chain’ or human movement system. Think of both systems as our ‘bodywork’.  New evidence is telling us that muscles are only active because of neurological control.  The way they contract and react and therefore the way they move our body or ‘Kinetic Chain’ around is under constant control and scrutiny by our neurological system.  Its known as the neuro-muscular system. We now know that injuries don’t just ‘happen’ they occur because of errors in neurological or neuro-muscular control known as processing problems.  Think of our neurological system as the ‘engine’.  Servicing the ‘engine’ is far more effective than rubbing the ‘bodywork’! At The North Wales Spine Clinic we have the benefit of one of our team members having a Neurology based degree so we’ve pretty much got neuro-muscular training covered!

‘Working with The North Wales Spine Clinic team was a huge step up to normal injury treatment.  The specificity of diagnosis, explanations and personalised treatment was astonishing.  They helped me understand my injury clearly, explained what had to be done and took me step by step from injury to the best performance of my career!’

Professional Climbing legend Nick Bullock

Chronic, repetitive sports injuries are often preventable

Many amateur and professional athletes are sidelined with injuries that could be avoided. Others sit it out on the bench because their injury does not respond to ordinary treatment. Still others are playing, but at less than peak efficiency, simply because their muscular and skeletal system is not in balance.

Progressive coaches, athletes and doctors are realising that pain-killing drugs are not the answer and neither are electrical gimmicks both merely covering up the symptoms and deceiving the athlete into actions that make the injury more serious. Probably more than any other health profession, our approach to health closely relates to the needs of the sports participant. Most sports involve body contact, fast starts and stops and positioning that places an unusual amount of strain on the back and structural system.

‘Having experienced this approach I could not imagine competing without it! I would recommend anyone who wants to compete in sport to let these guys take a look at you. It really did improve my game and has reduced my injury rates to nil this season.’

Tom Caplin

Captain of the England Lacrosse Squad

At The North Wales Spine Clinic we undertake special investigations to uncover what is really going wrong, giving special attention to the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. We use natural and proven health care methods that stress the importance of keeping all the systems of the body functioning efficiently so the player enjoys peak performance, a minimum injury risk and fast recuperative powers.

Corrective Exercise & Performance Specialists

‘You can’t fire a cannonball from a canoe’

Our Corrective Exercise Specialists analyse inefficient movement habits formed by poor training techniques and life style to develop personalised exercise programmes focusing on functional stability to give long-term results. Our in depth cutting edge Kinematic Chain assessments allow us to break the problems of movement down and provide bespoke solutions. This enables patients not only to reduce the pain of injury but also rehabilitate themselves and improve and enhance future performance by understanding their particular problem and what they need to do about it. So expect more power, balance, accuracy and speed!

Sports Chiropractic

‘Sports people find us because of pain and injury.

They stay with us because of power and performance’

Many world-class professional sports people and teams have retained Chiropractors to provide care and improve sporting performance. Leicester Tigers Rugby Club, Bath Rugby Club, Australian Wallabies, The New Zealand All Blacks, England Rugby Union, AC Milan Football Club, The Players Association of the NFL, Patrick Rafter, Lennox Lewis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali and Carl Lewis all utilise Chiropractic care. Chiropractic care combined with individualised functional stability exercise programmes catapult sports enthusiasts and professionals alike to greater success.

‘Functional stability influences technical performance by increasing Biomechanical efficiency.  By increasing Biomechanical efficiency, we can achieve better results for our effort’.

John Mayhew PHD

All Blacks Team Medical Doctor

Our Experience

‘From weekend warriors to The All Blacks’

Our clinicians previous top level sporting associations include All Blacks, top Welsh professional Golfer’s Stuart and Adam Runcie, The Sale Sharks Rugby Union Club, The Sale Harriers Athletics Club, Warrington Wolves Youth, The British Mountaineering Council, The Millennium Institute of Sport in New Zealand (Home of the New Zealand Olympic Squad), Climbing legend Nick Bullock and NFL star Ben Constable. The North Wales Spine Clinic also provides regular health services for DW Fitness, Virgin Health Clubs, Abergele Golf Club  and Bannatynes Health Clubs.

‘One size doesn’t fit all.  Lets break things right down and rebuild a

super accurate and powerful Golf swing’

Our team also work alongside Wales first Titleist Performance Golf Institute (TPI) professional, Iain Runcie. In conjunction with Bangor University we have had amazing results with many motivated golfers. Using a unique mixture of the expertise of TPI Registered Professionals, Sports Chiropractors and Corrective Exercise Specialists we offer personalised programmes for golfers of all ages and levels to improve their distance, accuracy and consistency while significantly decreasing the chance of injury.

We know it because we do it

Our Chiropractors and Corrective Exercise Specialists are personally involved and passionate about a range of sports. With an accolade of personal achievements including Royal Marine Commando and Royal Naval Boxing Champion, North Wales Youth Rugby player and Great Britain Youth Swimming Squad, the team at The North Wales Spine Clinic are also keen cyclists (members of the Rhos on Sea Cycling Club), climbers (Members of the Climbers Club, New Zealand Alpine Club and British Mountaineering Council) and general sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Our clinicians understand sports performance first hand, so whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, we can help you reach the health and sporting goals you aspire to.