Snowdonia Sports Injuries. Chiropractor? Osteopath? Physiotherapists? Or Pre Conditioning & Prevention?


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The mountains of Snowdonia provide the backdrop for a huge number of people to undertake recreational sports.  Many get involved with rock climbing, walking, running and kayaking, etc, etc……

But what do we do when we get injured and how can we avoid getting sports injuries in Snowdonia?

We may get arm pain or knee pain and chose to seek the attention of a Physiotherapist, back pain or neck pain and ask the advice of an Osteopath or Chiropractor.  The types of sports injuries vary according to the sport but one thing is for certain, a common theme is lack of conditioning!

Nick Bullock in Action on Left Wall

The picture is similar all over the UK.  Friday afternoon and the ardent weekend warrior escapes the office for a weekend in the mountains of Snowdonia. Looking forward to a fun filled weekend of his/her favourite activities.  The week spent at the desk, the body fraught for activity, and the mind desperate for a break from the monotony of the sedentary office.

There may be a ridgeline on the menu that was last ascended 20 years ago, a fell run that might help us ‘get back in shape’ or a river we last paddled when in University.  But how often do we take account of our current fitness levels?  Often, males suffer most; ego wont let us back down.  Once the challenge is laid it cannot be refused ‘pain is momentary, pride is forever’ etc etc you get the picture.

At The North Wales Spine Clinic we live for sport, we believe in conditioning and use it ourselves everyday to be the best we can be at our sports, think of how hypocritical it would be for a health practitioner to be overweight, drink too much, smoke and advise you on your conditioning and health!  Totally unacceptable.

We see great results in the people we train be they top UK professional climbers such as Nick Bullock or the huge amount of professional and keen amateur golfers we help to raise the standard of their game.  We know it because we do it and have always done so.

So next time your thinking of getting back in shape to face the sports Snowdonia has to offer, don’t start by getting a sports injury start by getting yourself prepared for enjoying the sport.  Starting with a full muscular, orthopaedic and neurological assessment we can advise on what will help you go faster, aim better, climb higher and avoid disappointing  sports injuries.