Patients from local areas such as Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, Llanfairfechan, Bangor, Menai Bridge and Caernarfon are coming to The North Wales Spine Clinic because they are struggling with a trapped nerve and are looking for back pain relief. So we thought we would say a bit today for people suffering from a trapped nerve looking for lower back pain relief. As is widely mentioned and commonly known lower back pain is a very common health problem for many adults. So in this low back pain article we will briefly discuss what can cause a trapped nerve in your lower back creating a lower back and leg pain. We will also touch on sciatica pain and what can you do to get lower back pain relief.


Lower Back and Leg Pain Causes

Sciatica pain is a when you have pain running down the back of your leg in the same area that the sciatic nerve runs. Sciatica is also mentioned with lower back and leg pain as it means the sciatic nerve can be trapped. So sciatica is a symptom and not a diagnosis, which is important to remember. The lower back region is made up of lumbar vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, nerves and more, with any of these causing lower back and leg pain. So what do we see commonly at The North Wales Spine Clinic causing sciatica or lower back pain, here are two of them.

  • Bulging Disc/Herniated Discs

When we see signs of nerve compression, nerve entrapment and irritation we always suspect a lower back pain coming from lumbar disc injury. This is a condition causing true sciatica pain because a branch of the sciatic nerve can be irritated causing lower back and leg pain.

  • Facet Syndrome

A facet is a spinal joint between each lumbar vertebra in your lower back or spine. They too can get irritated enough to cause severe lower back pain especially first thing in the morning. We find a sudden facet syndrome sprain/strain happens commonly when people try tying a shoelace in the morning. Severe facet joint pain should not cause leg pain below the knee that is usually when you have a trapped nerve in the spine.

Lower Back and Leg Pain Relief

It takes a very through examination to discover the diagnosis for low back pain in the majority of cases.  We also need to arrive at a prognosis – how long will you have low back pain or sciatic pain, what will happen if its left to run its course and what we can do to help you with your low back pain or sciatic pain. So if after examining you if we confirm that you have a true trapped nerve in your lower back and that is causing the symptoms of low back pain or leg pain then we will advise what we can do for you. However, there are some exercises for relief of lower back pain and many things you can try do yourself whilst getting your appropriate lower back pain treatment.

  • RICE

“RICE” stands for Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. You can use covered ice packs to bring pain and swelling down. You can rest from too much not NO driving, walking etc… Compression can be from a lumbar support belt if needed. But you can’t elevate so forget that one.

CLINICAL NOTE: If you damage your ankle of course you can elevate it and this will help the healing process.  Research suggests that even lying down we have an average of 25kg’s weight through our lumber discs!  So the tissue damage takes much longer to heal with low back problems.

  • Bum Squeezes

Using your gluteal (bum) muscles to support your spine can help control abnormal back movement, which can cause lower back and leg pain. So squeeze your bum muscles when bending or getting up from a chair.

  • Lumbar Support Chair Cushion

Lumbar chair support is important to use in your office, car and sofa seat. Back support chairs have a cushion pushing your lower back forward to re-create the natural lumbar spine lordosis (arch).

  • Review Medication for Nerve Pain

If your GP prescribes medication for you or you try pain medications without a prescription and there is still extreme lower back and leg pain you should have your GP review your medication. There are many types and dosages of medication for nerve pain and some work better for different people than others. So chat with your GP if you have not about maybe changing your pain medication if needed.

The lower back and leg pain relief self-help list above is not exhaustive, but should hopefully give you some ideas as to what you can do to also help your trapped nerve in your low back or leg pain. If pain persists or you get regular relapses then you need professional help.  If you live in the Conwy, Gwynedd or Anglesey areas all The North Wales Spine Clinic on 01492 621380.